3 ways Gen.u.ine is shaping the world for good

10 Feb 2020 | Culture | Tips & Tricks

3 ways Gen.u.ine is shaping the world for good

By Eve Cowan

We believe that brands have a role to play in shaping the world for good, so each month we look at those that inspire us to make things better for people and planet.

Start-up company Gen.u.ine Chemotherapy Cosmetics caught my eye because I’d never really considered the impact illness could have on a self-care routine I take for granted. It’s not some banal statement about self-confidence, this brand really does bring a much-needed boost at a time when people are at their most vulnerable.

Here are 3 ways in which they are shaping the cosmetic industry for good:

1. Helping customers feel like themselves again

We’re all used to glossy ads telling us we can find our worth in glamorous looks. But Gen.u.ine goes more than skin deep (as can be seen in their kickstarter promo video).

Their conversations with customers unveiled a striking insight. Mainstream cosmetics often contain chemicals that dry out and crack the skin, increasing the chance of infection. Coupled with weight and hair loss, this inability to ‘put their face on’ as they used to, can have a devasting impact on patient’s mental health.

Forget about glamour, Gen.u.ine’s mission is to help people feel more like themselves again, providing them with cosmetics products that are kind to their skin. And by letting customers explain the needs in their own words, they make this happen in a much more credible way.

2. Democratising niche markets

When products are launched to service new markets, pricing can often be inaccessible to everyday users. But Gen.u.ine recognises that using their product range isn’t really a choice, it’s a necessity, brought about by illness. So they want to make it truly accessible to everyone, irrespective of gender, race and spending power, becoming the obvious choice for anyone seeking a bit of normality during this distressing time in their lives.

3. Kind to the planet

As well as being kind to humans, Gen.u.ine is also kind to the environment. They’re fighting landfill by using recycled glass containers which customers can send back to be refilled at a discounted price, and they plan to keep manufacturing and distribution local to reduce delivery miles/emissions. A no-brainer amongst the steep rise in eco-conscious consumers.

Having successfully reached their target on Kickstarter, the first batch of products is ready to ship in March 2020.

Incredible work, Gen.u.ine.

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