5 leadership lessons from P!nk

03 Jul 2019 | WorkLife

5 leadership lessons from P!nk

By Laura Giffard

Last weekend I went to see P!nk’s Beautiful Trauma tour in Wembley. It was, as I had expected, a phenomenal mashup of teenage nostalgia and awe-inspiring talent. But what I hadn’t expected, is that I’d leave feeling inspired by P!nk’s leadership style. But I was. So here are five lessons I think we could take from her.

Lesson #1: Show us you’re human

P!nk has never shied away from telling her story. Whether she’s recounting childhood trauma or embracing a self-indulgent party mood, her human vulnerability and openness is so relatable, it’s impossible not to feel a shared connection with her and want to get behind the messages she shares.

Lesson #2: You’re nothing without your team

P!nk opened her concert by introducing her band. Each member got a shout out alongside large format graphics of their name. But she didn’t stop there. At the end of the concert she thanked every single backup dancer. It was such a special moment seeing her humility and gratitude to the team who make her incredible shows possible.

Lesson #3: Make people feel like they belong

In P!nk’s own words “I’m never going to win a popularity contest and be the prettiest — why start now?” and she’s made it her mission to get her views out through her music, however unpopular this could make her. It’s precisely this outspoken attitude that has won her such loyal fans. Seeing Wembley erupt to the tune of Raise Your Glass and each one of us embracing our inner dirty little freak was incredible. Her no bulls*** attitude helps people feel invigorated, part of something and ready to take on the world.

Lesson #4: Raise others up

One of the gig’s standout moments was when P!nk brought Wrabel on stage for their breath-taking song 90 days. Not only did she sing his praises as a songwriter, but she also told everyone to go and listen to his song The Village(it’s amazing BTW). Not only that, but when I googled 90 days at home I found P!nk had shot a video for the songwith one of her backup dancers who is an aspiring director. She uses her platform to help others build theirs. What a woman!

Lesson #5: Inspire change in others

Wembley fell into complete silence when P!nk shared a story of how she reacted when her young daughter confided that she didn’t feel beautiful. Aside from the admirable way she dealt with the situation, I was so inspired by her parting message: “We don’t change. We take the gravel in the shell and we make a pearl. And we help other people to change so they can see more kinds of beauty”. A great reminder to not let others dictate our paths, success lies in individuality.

So there you have it. Five leadership lessons from P!nk. And if you haven’t already, go check out her album Hurts2BHuman. It’s epic.

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