Introducing…Surf Studio

01 Apr 2021 | Press

Introducing…Surf Studio

By Laura Giffard

The pandemic made us rethink a lot of things. Are traditional ways of working necessarily the right way? Do we have to be in a London office to do incredible work? Can you still conduct brand strategy while sipping a cocktail out of a coconut?

Don’t get us wrong: we love our jobs. But there’s no point denying that the hectic nature of agency life has at times distracted us from our true passion: catching waves.

It’s a little-known fact that the iconic Perq Studio blue is based on the allure of the ocean’s endless azure. With the pandemic opening our eyes to the possibilities of remote working, we decided screw it: we can have it all.

That’s why, from October 21st 2021, we’re going to run both our Brand & Marketing agency and Surf School from Cane Vale, Barbados!

Swing by for all of the positioning and pivoting expertise you need – whether we’re talking about your brand or your board.

Don’t compromise: catch both bigger conversions and bigger waves – only at Surf Studio.

Coming Autumn 2021. Stay tuned!