A new way to play

11 Sep 2019 | Culture

A new way to play

By Louise Smith

With studies showing that millennials are hitting the town less, a path is clearing for alternative forms of socialising to find new audiences. Fitting in perfectly with our #Tuesplay initiative, I ventured to one such establishment for some good old-fashioned fun and games!

d20 Board Game Cafe in Watford offers guests over 900 different games to play, ranging from family favourites like Monopoly and Kerplunk to Lord of The Rings battle games and strategic offerings such as Magic The Gathering. We found ourselves somewhere in the middle after my 14-year-old godson encouraged me to select a game, a move I’m certain he momentarily regretted when after scouring the shelves for the perfect choice I returned to the table with card game Unstable Unicorns!

While it may sound like child’s play, within minutes we had all taken the game’s advice to heart - forget your friends, unicorns are your friends now - as we battled to be the first one to complete our stable of seven unicorns whilst sabotaging each other’s attempts. While I wouldn’t usually describe myself as fiercely competitive, I definitely reduced my Christmas budget after my godson stole my Llamacorn!

The best thing about the experience was undoubtedly the quality time it gave us. In a world where adults and children alike are gearing their attention to technology more and more, there was something really heart-warming about enjoying an activity based around our human interaction. While we could easily have stayed home and played a game, I’m sure that before long someone would have been distracted by something on the TV or had to let the dog out, whereas in this environment we were all focused on the activity we were sharing together.

With the presence of board game cafes growing globally, I would encourage everyone to find their local venue to indulge their playful side. Just one word of warning…choose your opponents carefully! I learned the hard way that even changing someone’s nappies won’t buy your Llamacorn a free pass!

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