Appointment of Nikki Burton as Company Director

21 Nov 2019 | Press

Appointment of Nikki Burton as Company Director

By Nikki Burton

Integrated creative agency Perq Studio announced the appointment of its current creative director Nikki Burton as a company director.

The appointment highlights the agency’s strongly held belief in placing equal emphasis on strategy and design – an approach appreciated by clients like Mars, ICIS and Condé Nast International – while the move further consolidates the London based company’s position as one of the few female-owned and led agencies in the world.

Burton joined Perq Studio in 2018 with a BA in communications design and extensive agency-side experience in property, retail, beauty and B2B. Her combination of strategic thinking, creative vision and commercial acumen has directly contributed to the agency working with some of the biggest names in a growing variety of sectors.

Perq Studio founder and strategist Laura Giffard says, “Nikki’s commitment to the success of our business and her ability to balance her world class creative with a deep understanding of what makes our clients tick contributes significantly to our ongoing success. Both our clients and our team view this appointment to company director as merely formalising the important role that Nikki is already playing.

“Having recently secured new clients our growth forecast is strong and now is the time to ensure the right leadership is in place. I have immense trust in Nikki’s judgement and it’s clear that giving design and strategy equal emphasis is the path to continued success for the business. I could not think of anyone I’d want to share this journey with more than Nikki. We share the same entrepreneurial, ambitious and sparky values that drive Perq Studio forwards and I cannot wait to see what the future holds for our team.”