#BetterBusiness: Educate and Challenge…

18 Nov 2020 | Culture

#BetterBusiness: Educate and Challenge…

By Issy Switala

Each month we look into some cool examples from brands embracing ‘better business’ and using their influence to have a positive impact on people and planet.

It’s only been in the last couple of years that brands and businesses have started to speak out more on topics that are important to society, rather than the standard “no comment” response. It seems as though now, everywhere you look consumers are being educated, challenged and encouraged to stop and think and you can no longer get away with simply selling a product or a service to make a profit.

It’s clear that the younger generations, Gen Z and Gen Alpha, have signalled they value purpose-led businesses and actively select brands that use their platforms to start conversations, take a stand and shape a better world. Here are some examples of brands doing just that!

Build the Vote

Using your voice to vote is a human right, but not everyone makes the most of it. While we saw a promising surge in young voters in the 2020 US Presidential Elections, a large proportion of young people still missed the opportunity to make their voices heard. In the UK, we see similar stats with 1/3 of young people missing from the electoral register. This year, non-profit Rock the Vote joined forces with Minecraft to build an online platform called ‘Build the Vote’ within the game. It aimed to educate kids about the electoral system in the US and encouraged them to voice their opinions on a variety of issues (including gun control and education). They hope that if children are being educated from a young age, it will build a strong generation of voters and higher turnouts in the future! I think it’s a really interesting way of engaging kids; if they’re going to be using technological devices every day, why not make it educational and turn them into active citizens!

Sex Ed!

Now we all remember those extremely awkward, relatively useless sex ed lessons, taught by the most ancient teacher at school, right? Maybe it doesn’t have to be so…painful? The sex ‘experts’ at Pornhub seem to think so, anyway. After starting up their Sexual Wellness Centre a couple of years ago, they have now launched a new initiative to educate the young on subjects such as anatomy, consent and sexual health. Young people often find these conversations uncomfortable, so the aim is to open up the discussions and build a well-informed, healthy and safe generation. With more than 40 million people having visited the online Sexual Wellness Centre since 2017, it certainly has an engaged audience!

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