#BetterBusiness: Love after lockdown — the new platforms helping you get back in the game

07 Apr 2021 | Culture

#BetterBusiness: Love after lockdown — the new platforms helping you get back in the game

By Issy Switala

Each month we look into some cool examples from brands embracing ‘better business’ and using their influence to have a positive impact on people and the planet.

April 12th is a date all Brits have highlighted in a big red circle in their diaries as, after a year of lockdowns, the pubs and bars are finally reopening! And while yes, this means we can reunite with friends to get drunk in a beer garden, it also marks the reappearance of dating as we used to know it.

The dating landscape has changed drastically during the pandemic. Us singles have had to endure freezing, socially-distanced park dates and the weird and wonderful joys of dating apps. It’s hardly surprising that as we re-emerge back into ‘normal life’, the thought of speaking to a stranger face-to-face or being back in close proximity with someone can feel a little daunting!

Thankfully, there are a load of dating platforms out there shaking up the way we date and bringing a little bit of excitement back into our lives! Here are a couple of the brands helping people get back out there when lockdown ends.

One day on, 6 days off!

During this lockdown period, we’ve spent way too much time on dating apps, logging into Tinder on average 4 times a day! For me it’s just become another app I check periodically throughout the day when I’m bored, the same way I look at all my other social network apps. It’s also always the same old conversations, “how are you?” “good thanks, you?” “wanna meet up?” “yeah sure, next week?” Where’s the fun in that?

Fortunately, Thursday have come up with a solution! It’s a dating app that only comes to life on a Thursday ­– for the remaining 6 days of the week it’s completely inaccessible to users. The idea is to bring a bit of joy and spontaneity back to our lives as all communication and dates happen on the same day. This leaves the rest of the week available for you to look after yourself and do things you enjoy rather than worrying about how many matches you have. I think after a year of having to plan ahead and then having those same plans being cancelled, being able to be a little impulsive could be the breath of fresh air we need!

Dating in the wild

Taking this concept one step further is Finder, getting rid of any online platform altogether! As we start to move out of lockdown, they’ve challenged singles to ditch the apps and start looking for love ‘in the wild’. All you have to do is attach a bright green pin to your shirt, shoes, or trousers and people will know you’re part of the growing community embracing the awkwardness of real life dating.

After so long in lockdown and limited communication with strangers and the outside world, taking the leap into the unknown and putting yourself out there can be scary! So, seeing another person with the same green badge will reassure you that you’re both looking for the same thing. I think it’s really important that we don’t shy away from human interaction now that the road to freedom is so close. We’ve got to treasure every new conversation and every new face!

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