#BetterBusiness: The brands empowering women in the day-to-day.

17 Mar 2021 | Culture

#BetterBusiness: The brands empowering women in the day-to-day.

By Issy Switala

Each month we look into some cool examples from brands embracing ‘better business’ and using their influence to have a positive impact on people and planet.

This month International Women’s Day saw people from around the globe celebrate the achievements of women, as well as highlight what still needs to be done in the ongoing fight for equal rights. And over the last couple of weeks, it has become painfully clear that there are still huge issues that need to be addressed. Making these changes will take time and it certainly won’t happen overnight.

If we want to make positive changes to the lives of women around the globe, we can start with the small day-to-day struggles (periods, contraceptives, hormones, social media … to name a few!) and still have a big impact. These everyday challenges can cause huge stress and even significant mental health problems, so I’m delighted to see brands taking action to make the world a better place for women!

Women aren’t small men, so we shouldn’t train like them

Ever wondered why your motivation for working out fluctuates over the month? I know for me there are weeks where my runs feel effortless… and others when I just can’t get off the sofa! Nike have explained it could be something to do with our menstrual cycle! Last month, the Nike Training Club app launched their ‘Cycle Sync Workout Collection’, aimed at developing exercise regimes that match your cycle. With natural fluctuations in hormones, nutrition and energy, these exercises are adapted to the three phases of a women’s cycle:

Phase 1 (day 1-day 13) – Speed and power. It’s all about high-intensity workouts and heavy weight training!

Phase 2 (day 14-day 20) – Endurance and strength. The focus here is all on resistance, an easy run or hilly hikes!

Phase 3 (day 20-day 28) – Mobility and recovery. Take this time to meditate, flex and practice your technique. Light running, yoga and pilates are great for this!

As well as developing these exercises, Nike have also taken to educating their customers on how to manage stress, combat food cravings and fight the sluggish feelings that come with menstrual cycles. As Dr Stacy Sims says: “women aren’t small men, so we shouldn’t train like them!”

Never miss a pill day again!

Contraception is one of the biggest hassles and pains in my day-to-day life and I’m sure that’s the case for most women. Yes, the side effects are horrendous (anxiety, depression, acne, fatigue, weight gain, decreased libido, nausea…) but if you’re on the pill, it’s also very likely you’ll forget to take it!

Emme – the Pill & Health tracker app – have come up with a solution! They’ve developed a ‘smart case’ and app that automatically tracks when you take your pill and reminds you when you don’t, ultimately making our lives a little less stressful! Their mission is to ‘put women’s health in women’s hands’ and they’re starting with contraception. One missed pill can lead to unplanned pregnancies, hormone imbalances, unpredicted periods and bad skin and so Emme are helping smooth out our monthly cycles and making our lives a little easier.

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