#BetterBusiness: The brands spreading charitable cheer (when the world needs it most).

23 Dec 2020 | Culture

#BetterBusiness: The brands spreading charitable cheer (when the world needs it most).

By Issy Switala

Each month we look into some cool examples from brands embracing ‘better business’ and using their influence to have a positive impact on people and planet.

Back in May I was supposed to be running the Hackney Half Marathon, in aid of the Phyllis Tuckwell Hospice, but due to the COVID pandemic it was postponed, postponed again and eventually cancelled.

I realised that with huge fundraising events like this disappearing across the globe, charities would start to suffer. Despite an increase in demand for charitable aid during the crisis, donations have dropped for 53% of charities across the UK and most say they wouldn’t be able to continue operating without financial aid.

So, how can we help? Embedding generosity into your product, service or experience is a really easy way to encourage consumers to donate and help fund worthy causes. Here are some examples of brands and businesses doing just that!


US-based payments platform Stripe has recently launched a new online tool to reduce the levels of carbon in the atmosphere. It encourages users to automatically donate a proportion of their revenue to initiatives that help permanently remove CO2 from the air, all in just a few clicks! Users can choose how much they donate, and the ease of the giving platform means people are far more likely to actually contribute. And Stripe puts its money where its mouth is, too, donating $1million per year to the cause. Perhaps users are more willing to contribute when they can see the brand and business also playing its part?

Increase the price!

We all love a good Black Friday deal and have done for years (since the 1950s!). Brands and businesses compete for the lowest prices possible to try and persuade consumers to stock up on everything, regardless of their actual need for the item! The only problem is, a lot of what is bought is left unwanted and discarded, contributing to the 50 million tons of electrical waste that we produce each year.

This year however, sustainable sneaker brand Allbirds is calling for people to ‘break tradition instead of the planet’. The business increased its prices by $1 which was then matched by the brand, donating a total of $2 per sold item to Fridays for Future, a climate strike movement founded by Greta Thunberg. This both captures the attention of consumers and makes it super easy for them to make a difference without breaking the bank. It’s these little acts that go such a long way and really make a difference!

Want to find out more about brands that are bettering the planet? Or have some interesting insights to share? Get in touch and let’s do Better Business together!