Brand is about looking at the bigger picture.

29 Jan 2019 | WorkLife

Brand is about looking at the bigger picture.

By Nikki Burton

The Zara brand refresh really has got a lot of designers’ knickers in a twist. Kerning aside let’s look at the bigger picture… There is definitely beauty in the bravery of this retail giant who has the balls to step away from the popular ‘safe sans-serif logo stripped of any heritage or personality’, that many big-boy fashion retailers have been recently defaulting to.

Taking a closer look at the brand (instead of focusing purely on the logo) reveals a strategic and deliberate move towards a more luxurious high-fashion positioning. Letterforms are broken free and used with plenty of white space, considered and playfully positioned alongside photography that is definitely hitting those high-end fashions notes. ‘Blending elegance with edge’ they say. I have to agree.

So instead of sitting on the fence Zara have taken the bold approach. And good for them. It may be a Marmite solution in the eyes of some designers out there, but I say well done Zara for being brave. Not sitting on the fence. Not following others. Wouldn’t this world be a boring place if we all looked and acted the same!

It’s all too easy to be negative without taking into consideration the journey that an agency and their client have been on. And only they truly know where they’re headed. Right now, they’re just laying the foundations.

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