#ConsciousCreative: Design, shaping the world for good…

21 Oct 2020 | Culture

#ConsciousCreative: Design, shaping the world for good…

By Nikki Burton

Every month we take a look into the world of conscious creative and how design can promote positive change.

It is becoming increasingly apparent that our world is in need of a break from our throw-away society. The disposable consumer behaviours we have all grown accustomed to in some form are putting an immense amount of pressure on our natural resources and the environment we live in.

There is no earth 2.0. It is up to us to do what we can to change the tide and protect for the future. Design is a vehicle for not only producing beautiful aesthetic but a deeper more emotional connection. Designing with purpose, meaning and a strong rationale, we can promote positive visuals and messaging that is not just good design but a way of ‘shaping the world for good’.

The very nature of design means that the variety of topics addressed can be extremely diverse. Anything from cultural stigmas to climate emergencies and beyond. Excellent examples of these types of projects are Pantone unveiling a new shade of red to tackle the stigma around menstruation and ‘Urge’ a creative collective aimed at enacting radical response to climate emergencies.

Slowly but surely companies are adopting this more ethical and progressive stance, evolving their tone of voice and brand accordingly. This can be seen in the redesign of the Twinings’ flagship store focussing on innovation and wellness and RSA’s brand refresh which turns their focus to ‘commitment to impact’ and ‘enriching social progress’.

By approaching issues that we are facing head-on, the potential for cultural and behavioural change is made real. Highlighting issues and providing a voice and a platform for change is a positive step towards creating a more sustainable and brighter outlook for the future.

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