Spotted: Ditch the gym, the FIIT TV app is here!

17 Jan 2019 | WorkLife

Spotted: Ditch the gym, the FIIT TV app is here!

By Nikki Burton

It’s January. Christmas is over, but those extra turkey rolls are proving a little hard to shift. So I’ve found myself looking for some active inspiration to give my regular yoga classes a boost… without the commitment of a gym membership which I’ll inevitably have forgotten about come March.

Enter FIIT TV. All I can say is YEY!

What it is

An interactive at-home workout with some of the UK’s most respected personal trainers whipping me into shape… with the added joy of their 30-day plan coming absolutely free.

There is of course a more advanced version with a heart tracker and fitness mat so you can actually monitor your progress and beat your own personal best… but that’s for later.

Right now, all I need to do is press play and make these workouts become part of a permanent lifestyle, which shouldn’t be too hard as the average session lasts only 20 minutes!

Why I love it

Whilst there are other similar offers out there, the website and app offer a great user experience. They’re both easy to navigate and the brand is really visually appealing with big bold headlines and bright gritty photography drawing me in.

Download the app and see for yourself.

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