Happy April Fool’s Day!

01 Apr 2020 | Culture

Happy April Fool’s Day!

By Laura Giffard

So you may have noticed that we announced we’d changed our name to Werq Studio…

“We’re taking our fight against “the hustle” one step further and showing our commitment to the power of hard work by changing our name to Werq Studio. We’ve also changed our brand colour to green, signifying the success you can achieve with good old fashioned graft. Did your mama not tell you that “nothing worth having ever comes easy”?! Come on baby, let’s WERQ!”

Well a good few laughs (and a legal-sounding warning!) later, we can reveal that it was in fact an April Fool’s prank (although the message about believing in hard work still stands!)

We know Google decided not to celebrate this year and we can understand their reasons, but to us these laughs provided some much needed solace in these times that have been punctuated by deep sorrow. Laughter is a natural medicine that can help alleviate stress and anxiety and fosters bonding. So we hope you too can find ways to lighten the mood for yourself and others.

Stay home and stay safe!

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