Happy Birthday Heinz!

25 Mar 2019 | WorkLife

Happy Birthday Heinz!

By Louise Smith

The iconic packaging of Heinz baked beans, tomato ketchup and cream of tomato soup will be a familiar sight to most of us, unless of course you have stopped by Fortnum & Masons lately. The luxury retailer is celebrating Heinz’s 150th birthday with a limited edition re-brand across these family favourites, honoured through both in store displays and stunning window dressing.

The two brands have been aligned since 1886, when Henry J Heinz arrived at Fortnum & Mason’s famous Piccadilly premises with five suitcases of samples from America and according to the tale the then-head of grocery said ‘I think, Mr Heinz, we’ll take the lot’, a quote that has been incorporated to the new look.

I love the balance that the anniversary design has struck to embody the intertwined history of these household names. The Fortnum & Mason’s clock in the brand’s signature Eau de Nil colour proudly sits at the centre of the new labels, beneath the Heinz logo in their traditional typeface. The result takes products that are a staple in many homes and injects them with the high end allure of a sophisticated treat. Beans on toast has never seemed so glamorous.

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