Hooray for 2019 & body positivity

29 Jan 2019 | WorkLife

Hooray for 2019 & body positivity

By Laura Giffard

Well, we’re one month in and I just can’t get enough of 2019. We’re finally showing two fingers to bodyshamers and brands that fail to represent women beyond a single ethnicity and body type. Jameela Jamil’s @i_weigh movement continues to gather momentum, and our favourite influencers are leading us on the path to self-love and body positivity.

And now, this stunning menopause supplement advert from Holland & Barrett - not only starting the conversation about a little spoken-of aspect of women’s health (SPOILER ALERT: most of us will go through it), but also defying conventions with its choice of models.

And guess what naysayers? We find all these women powerful, beautiful and aspirational AF.

So stop feeding a single view of women to us.

It’s 2019. We won’t put up with your nonsense.

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