#TuesdayThinks: How to create a cracking festive ad (with help from the ghosts of Christmas past)

08 Dec 2020 | Tips & Tricks

#TuesdayThinks: How to create a cracking festive ad (with help from the ghosts of Christmas past)

By Nikki Burton

Every Tuesday we think some thinks and round-up some top tips.

Truth be told, I feel a little bah humbug about most Christmas adverts this year (I’m done with Kevin the carrot, sorry Aldi). But there have been some outstanding gems that really do the trick. For me, those that successfully mix purpose-led messaging with festive nostalgia (think Coca Cola circa 1995) have found a way of softening even this grinchiest of hearts. So I thought I’d share a little round-up of my faves (and why I love them!).

Christmas can be an incredibly wasteful time of year. Did you know that 74 million mince pies get thrown out in the UK alone? That’s why I’m loving Ikea Russia’s powerful Christmas ad, which reminds us not to let our celebrations go to waste (Tupperware at the ready please!) I love how they thought about the little ways IKEA plays a role in our lives in the festive period. Plus, we millennials are bound to be total suckers for those Home Alone references!

We all know this year has been a little different, but the one thing that has brought us together is a sense of community. Co-op really captured these feel-good vibes with their Christmas ad, which shows two real-life brothers lifting their community with a brilliant rendition of an Oasis track. I love how they took a band famed for the acrimonious relationship between two brothers, then used their music and real people to underline the power of the festive period in bringing us together. Plus, Co-op has pledged to doubling the amount of funds they will give back to communities. A musical throwback and feel-good actions. What’s not to love?!

Don’t worry, I’m not getting all worthy on you. Sometimes purpose-led can be about having a bit of fun too! And Just Eat’s Christmas music video Doggy Dogg Christmas is the gift that just keeps on giving. Snoop has taken the original lyrics from the Just Eat jingle and cleverly tweaked them for this Christmas hit, rapping in that iconic drawl “Ain’t nothin’ changed here/Gettin’ sushi delivered by a reindeer.” Love seeing a brand bring joy and smiles through its communications. Can we get this to number one now please?

So, bearing all that in mind, here are my 3 top tips for cracking that standout Christmas campaign:

1. Think about the role you play in customers’ lives and opt for a less-obvious angle that stresses how your brand can affect their day-to-day in small, meaningful ways. IKEA could have gone with extravagant kitchens or ornate light fittings, but instead it opted for tupperware. When it’s Christmas, which is more relatable?

2. Focus on community spirit and the goodwill that human interaction brings. Co-op brought smiles to us all with its relatable message and feel-good music (possibly inspired by all the balcony singing during lockdown!).

3. Go glam! If your budgets can stretch far enough, grab a famous face and have a bit of fun with your brand. It could be the start of a beautiful relationship.

Ultimately, the Christmas ads that made me smile this year cooked up warm, human-centred messages mixed with a healthy dash of nostalgia. Here’s a roundup of other Christmas ads for your perusal. Which is your favourite?

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