Spotted: It’s a bit grown up, and so am I

14 May 2019 | WorkLife

Spotted: It’s a bit grown up, and so am I

By Louise Smith

The power of having the hottest celebrity to promote your product is very well documented, but Cadbury’s have taken a different approach for their latest advertising, and I love it!

I am of course talking about their new Darkmilk chocolate campaign, fronted by former 1980s icons Kim Wilde and Jason Donovan. Acknowledging that consumers will need to be of a certain age in order to correctly contextualise them, the pair actively encourage younger viewers to disengage with the TV advert if they don’t know who they are. Why? Because as the tagline says, “It’s a bit grown up”.

In recent years Cadbury’s attempts to innovate the Dairy Milk range have been targeted to younger consumers through fun innovations such as their Smashables bars. But it seems that Cadbury has now recognised that not every customer is looking for a wacky new concoction when it comes to confectionery, and the time has come for the more mature audience to take the spotlight.

Cadbury have successfully maintained the tone of their new adverts through their printed collateral, as I found out when a desk drop saw a mini bar find its way directly to me. Asking the question, “Remember when Dolly worked 9 to 5?” (yes, actually), the accompanying card is proud to inform me that I am then ready for the taste of Darkmilk.

The reverse of card declares Darkmilk to be the “The richest, creamiest chocolate that Cadbury has ever made”, instantly prompting memories of the 1980’s adverts branding the Flake “The crumbliest, flakiest milk chocolate.”

Cadbury have successfully played with nostalgia and have managed to make my advancing years feel like an asset. I’m in the know because I understand the communications in a way that a younger generation cannot, and I am rewarded for this by having my status as a “grown up” recognised, hopefully with more chocolate.

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