It’s not a shop. It’s a place you can #DoWhatYouCant

10 Jan 2020 | Culture

It’s not a shop. It’s a place you can #DoWhatYouCant

By Nikki Burton

Before we shut shop last year for Christmas, we hosted a retail safari for Mars, co-created with our client Deb. Our mission was to inspire User Centricity Champions across the UK business by getting them out of the office to experience what cutting-edge retail brands are doing to engage with their customers in new ways.

We explored 18 different locations in our action-packed day, but I wanted to share my takeaways from Samsung KX as these guys are so far ahead in the retail games its astonishing!

The store at Coal Drops Yard is like nothing I have ever seen, it’s the ultimate immersive brand experience for whoever walks through the door. It’s a place where people are invited to discover, interact with and learn new skills in a dynamic environment through a range of workshops, events and performances together with local community partners.

So what really stood out?

1. Don’t buy, explore – when you arrive, you’re welcomed by someone whose job is simply to say help and explain the concept store. There’s no pressure to buy, they just want you to explore. YEY! Although if you’re anything like me you’ll surely leave inspired for your next purchase!

2. Product as art – products are displayed in a gallery format, so when you browse you really feel like you’re admiring a piece of art, elevating brand perceptions.

3. Make it real – the beautiful kitchen allows customers to see products work in a space that feels like home, making products feel relevant and easy to visualise in their everyday lives.

4. Keep it fresh – a large portion of the store is dedicated to event space. Housing everything from Drag Aerobics to science talks and terrarium masterclasses, there’s something for everyone and keeps customers coming back for more. See what’s on here:

5. Quick fixes – there’s a dedicated area to troubleshoot products with technicians, making the experience as useful as it is inspiring.

There is so much more on offer too, from hotdesking facilities and a coffee shop with tantalising treats through to VR experiences… there’s no doubt this a place people will want to work, play and meet at.

Creating these stand-out experiences is key to coaxing customers away from one-click shopping and into a world of browsing and sensorial experiences that see brick-and-mortar retail thriving.

If you have time pop down to Samsung KX make sure you do.

It’s everything a shop isn’t!

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