Make it or break it: Anthony Goldman @ Noise Media talks top tips for startups

09 Aug 2019 | Interviews

Make it or break it: Anthony Goldman @ Noise Media talks top tips for startups

By Laura Giffard

Anthony Goldman, Co-Founder of social-first marketing agency Noise Media lives in Belsize Park London with his wife and lots of candles. Ant’s happy place is Matera, Italy – where he got married.

What does your typical day look like?

No typical day at work, the only thing consistent in my day is my black filter coffee from Pret.

What do you do after work?

Very low key, I usually have an early dinner and go for a walk to clear my head or watch a movie. I rarely socialise during the week.

Tell us about you and your business.

Noise Media is a social first marketing agency that helps brands grow using social media. We originally started out as a student community on social media many years ago, and quickly grew our student social channels to over 1 million subscribers. We saw our strength was helping brands speak to this hard to reach audience and soon grew other communities outside of just student. We now offer a range of services from brand partnerships, paid social, influencer marketing and social media management.

They say year 3 is when you make it or break it as a start-up. Have you ever come close to breaking it? What’s your single piece of advice for making it?

Many many times we’ve come very close to breaking, whether its cash flow strain, being over-reliant on a social platform or not being focused enough. I don’t think you ever really ‘make it’. Successful businesses evolve with their clients and market place. The most important thing I’ve found to our success is having a strong vision, understanding our clients and being agile. Modern businesses exist in a very fast-moving digital world, with tons of innovation coming from all areas, so keeping your client front of mind and being relentless in what you want to achieve has to always be a priority.

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