Making your smallest asset King

13 Mar 2019 | WorkLife

Making your smallest asset King

By Nikki Burton

Last week I attended my first Glug event, where a magnificent mixture of creatives gave talks on everything from experiential through to visual identity & film.

I really enjoyed hearing from Christian Eager, CD at Turner Duckworth who showcased some of the agency’s best work and explained why their brand mantra is “Love the unmistakable”. Whether designing for large or small formats, their approach focuses on finding moments for the customer to interact with, like and share the brand.

One of my favourite examples was their campaign for Burger King’s seasonal holiday packaging. They took what Burger King are most famous for - their flame-grilling - and combined a Santa beard with flames to celebrate the season in a truly unique and ownable way. And customers loved it, they couldn’t get enough of taking and sharing selfies with the beard bag!

It’s amazing how the smallest asset can create so much buzz through the process of play, bringing the brand to life through a shared experience. I think this campaign just proves that even the biggest brands can find license to be playful and need to embrace the power of social, giving customers the tools to become brand advocates.

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