Our creative features as B2B Marketing Magazine’s star campaign

12 Feb 2019 | Press

Our creative features as B2B Marketing Magazine’s star campaign

By Laura Giffard

The chemical market information provider has turned to paper cutouts to emotionally engage its audience and promote its new customer platform and mobile app.

ICIS – a petrochemical market information provider - is a truly B2B company. But that didn’t mean it shied away from taking on a more B2C aesthetic in an attempt to push the envelope. Its integrated campaign, launched in November last year, aimed to highlight the benefits of using ICIS while emotionally engaging its audience.

Laura Giffard, founder and client director at Perq Studio - the agency who developed the campaign with ICIS - said she was blown away by how forward-thinking ICIS was during the creative stages of the campaign.

For her, the challenge was to make the brand feel more relatable and human, while retaining the serious nature of the topic. “There has to be a serious undertone but you want to have some emotional engagement and that’s achieved through providing something visually new. That’s what is going to pique interest,” she says.

Something new, something blue

While the campaign is certainly a departure for the company, it still needed to be recognisable as the ICIS brand, so Perq Studio’s concept built upon the company’s existing brand typeface and blue colour palette.

This was where the idea to use paper cutouts - something most of us can associate with our childhood - was born. This gave the campaign a minimalist, contemporary feel.

Yet as Laura points out, it’s slightly ironic. “Their product is digital and we’ve made the communications analogue, but also tactile and really human,” she explains. “What we were trying to communicate is that while you’re accessing a digital product, actually it’s the market intelligence and expert insight of the people behind it that makes it so amazing.”

Among the collateral created for the campaign, which includes events, email and social, the stand-out is the paper cutout animation (which you can view at http://bit.ly/2RIYhTw). This has been created to target both existing clients and new customers, to reinforce the feeling that ICIS is their best partner. “The purpose of the animation was to draw in people who may not have considered ICIS yet, and create something disruptive that they can engage with,” Laura adds.

It’s you, not me

The attempt to resonate with the customer on an emotional level also called for a slight change in focus. ICIS’ brand strapline is ‘Driven by data and powered by insight’. While the brand still wanted to get across the quality of their product in its campaign, they realised they needed to acknowledge the customer within this. The conclusion resulted in the campaign strapline: ‘Power your decisions with ICIS.com’. “It’s about putting the customer in charge so they can make their best decisions,” explains Laura. “It’s only a tweak on their current communications but really makes a difference.”

Such a simple strapline has also proven to have longevity and the campaign is planned to continue long-term to advance its current success.

This article, written by Molly Raycraft, was featured in B2B Magazine’s Winter 2019 edition.