Packaging done to perfection

21 Feb 2019 | WorkLife

Packaging done to perfection

By Nikki Burton

I was actually having a cheeky Nandos with a friend when I stumbled across this little beauty. Excited that I’d spotted my favourite tea on the menu (The South African Rooibos - cold and in different flavours!) it had to be done… ‘One peach Rubro please’.

The packaging sealed the deal. I was in love. The stitched heart symbol stands for health and the raw energy of Africa, which when paired with bold colours denoting each flavour makes for a clean design with tonnes of personality. The information hierarchy was spot on with three eye-catching levels of copy: bold brand, secondary flavour and a Rooibos sign off. And what’s more, this design has been around since 2013! It just goes to show that good branding always stands the test of time.

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