Revisiting #Tuesplay

03 Jun 2020 | Culture

Revisiting #Tuesplay

By Laura Giffard

One whole year ago we took the leap. Fuelled by the belief that working a four day week was the future, we embarked on a 12 month experiment to see whether we could make it work.

Now, as all expectations for 2020 and beyond have been turned upside down, we felt it would be a good time to revisit the four day work week and whether it made sense to keep #Tuesplay going forward.

First things first, we thought about what we were trying to achieve this time last year by introducing a four day work week:

  • A rejection of burnout culture
  • Invest in wellbeing and overall health of the team
  • Time to read, explore and be inspired

… all while maintaining productivity!

Our biggest success has no doubt been maintaining productivity and increasing our turnover in line with our financial objectives as a growing business. That’s right, even with 20% less face time we were able to continue growing revenues. I attribute this to our collaborative culture – by having our clients working alongside us we work smarter and achieve our goals faster.

However, it did become apparent that we weren’t being as successful with achieving our other goals. While we started out using #Tuesplay by visiting galleries and getting out into the real world, this soon began to fade into the background and #Tuesplay started to turn into a time of Netflix and house chores, which didn’t really help us achieve our personal goals of growth and inspiration.

For us, inspiration is the lifeblood of creativity and it’s vital that we get away from our desks and actively invest in expanding our minds and growing our skills away from the time and budget pressures of client work.

So, we’ve decided to shake #Tuesplay up. We will still remain closed to clients, but we will use this time each week to consciously invest our time into upskilling ourselves, feeding our culture and carrying out the pro-bono work for our charity partners we hold so close to our hearts. This will then translate into added inspiration and creativity for our clients to connect with their customers. Win-Win.

Long live #Tuesplay and long may we continue to embrace changing, evolving, growing… and playing!