Spotted: Innovation with purpose

30 Apr 2019 | WorkLife

Spotted: Innovation with purpose

By Laura Giffard

It’s great to see brands innovate to drive positive change in the world. Hot off the heels of last year’s plant-based plastic edition, Lego has now honed in on inclusive education.

Its new Braille bricks are designed to help partially sighted or blind children learn to read through play. Plus, because they’re printed with regular numbers and symbols, parents and caregivers can offer support and even learn Braille for themselves.

According to Philippe Chazal, treasurer of the European Blind Union, learning Braille is key to boosting independence and employment among the blind or partially sighted. And considering the 75 per cent unemployment rate of European adults with sight-related disabilities, it just goes to show the potential magnitude of this project.

There are 250 bricks covering the full alphabet, numbers and a selection mathematical symbols which are currently being trialled with associations for the blind globally. Watch the brand video here to find out more.

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