Spotted: What’s your creative type?

26 Apr 2019 | WorkLife

Spotted: What’s your creative type?

By Laura Giffard

If, like me, you’re slightly obsessed with quizzes, you’re in luck. An absolute gem has landed. And no, I’m not talking about finding out which SATC mashup you are. It’s a little more serious than that. Although not too much. It’s still a lot of fun.

What I’m really so excited about is Adobe’s feast for the senses that is Creative Types. Using 15 questions based in psychology, the quiz aims to reveal the creative type that lives inside us. Not to label us, but to help us understand our challenges and unleash potential.

My favourite question has to be “Are you a fortune cookie or a birthday cake?” (I’m a fortune cookie, obvs!), but the most pleasing thing about it has to be the stunning animation and eerie sounds that accompany each question in the quiz. Go on millennials. Turn your sound on. Dare you.

So what are you waiting for? Go experience it for yourself. And if you happen to be a ‘thinker’ get in touch. My type is a ‘visionary’ and would apparently benefit from meeting you.

Happy quizzing.

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