Stanley Kubrick: Discovering the world and the man

22 Aug 2019 | Culture

Stanley Kubrick: Discovering the world and the man

By Nikki Burton

You might have noticed that since July Perq Studio has been working a four day week and rocking it! One of the many benefits of #Tuesplays has been that we have had more time to make the most of living in London by visiting the amazing museums and galleries our city has to offer that you don’t always have time to do on those precious weekends.

Laura and I are both die-hard Kubrick fans so popped down to the Design Museum to discover the role design played in his masterpieces.

While the aesthetic contribution of design is clear throughout Kubrick’s movies, we hadn’t really known much about his ethos and approach to his work.

I think there are so many ideas that designers could borrow from Kubrick, so the exhibition is definitely worth a visit, but here are my top three takeaways:

Believe in yourself

Kubrick loved going to the movies, but he felt exasperated by the number of terrible pieces he had seen. Armed with an unwavering belief that even with no experience he could produce something better than what was already out there, he embarked on his journey as a director. Lesson #1: believe you can do it, work hard, upskill and don’t let self-doubt get in your way.

Know your strengths

Kubrick always put his energy into enhancing existing stories and bringing them to life for film. And he always chose books that weren’t masterpieces so there was plenty of room for improvement. Lesson #2: You can still be super successful if you focus on what you add to the project and fleshing out your unique perspective rather than trying to author everything.

It’s all in the detail

Kubrick strove for excellence, taking a painstaking approach to research and recreating every minute element for filming. His ‘Napoleon’ is billed as “the greatest film never made”, given the 15,000 location photos and 17,000 slides of Napoleonic imagery he amassed to create the perfect historical epic. Lesson #3: Research, research, research! Learn everything there is to know about your topic, strive for authenticity and remember every tiny detail contributes to the big picture.

Stanley Kubrick: The Exhibition runs until September 17th at The Design Museum

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