Spotted: Taking retail to the 13th moon

05 Mar 2019 | WorkLife

Spotted: Taking retail to the 13th moon

By Nikki Burton

If you’re looking for original retail, Gentle Monster have taken it to another planet – the 13th moon to be precise. Confused? Don’t be. This South Korean fashion eyewear brand seizes the experiential – all perfectly packaged for the high street consumer.

Is this the future of the Saturday morning shopping trip? I do hope so. This brave brand has fully embraced the simplicity of a sensory environment providing an experience like no other. The 4,840sq ft space in Soho is full of beautifully designed creatures by 3D artist Frederik Heyman that move and make sounds – totally interactive and awe-inspiringly unexpected. The eyewear is discretely interspersed throughout the store (no product crammed all over the walls, how refreshing). It took me a while to figure out what the space was for. But that’s just it, I stopped in my tracks and curiosity got the better of me. Keeping me browsing for a long time and considering my next pair of glasses. Bravo Gentle Monster, looks like you’re leading the way.

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