Tapping into the spirit of the graduate go-getter

30 Jan 2019 | Culture

Tapping into the spirit of the graduate go-getter

By Nikki Burton

I popped along to Nicer Tuesdays last night at Oval Space. Speakers ranged from a superstar graduate illustrator, through to master puppeteers (everyone remembers the TK Maxx Christmas stocking right?) a design & art direction agency and a future-forward creative unit… it was a pretty good evening of ‘show and tell’ - lucky me!

The highlight of the evening was an absolutely captivating and eloquent speaker, fresh-faced graduate illustrator and animator Joey Yu, who took us through her artwork and collaborations with confidence and humour. Her illustrations fearlessly speak the truth of what she sees, experiences and stands for across the world. Joey has a sea of awards under her belt and has already worked with the likes of Girlboss, The New York Times and Tate (pretty impressive!).

Joey manages to get herself into pretty amazing places completely unexpectedly (like sitting backstage at Field day festival sketching the artists). And, like us, she’s big on collaboration. In her own words “Collaboration is one of the most inspiring things, by talking, and having conversations with the right people you never know where you will end up and what doors will open…” she says.

Thank you Joey for reminding us that we should never lose the spirit of the graduate. That go-getting drive packed full of hope and gumption. Her energy is infectious and she certainly has a bright future ahead go her. We could all do with looking at the world with her wide-eyed wonder.

Check out Joey’s work here.