The emotional road to Tuesplay

01 Jul 2019 | WorkLife

The emotional road to Tuesplay

By Louise Smith

It’s been a week since our Founder Laura announced that we would be trialling the four-day working week for the next two months, and what a week it’s been! Ahead of tomorrow’s very first #Tuesplay, I’d like to take you on my emotional journey so far…

Stage 1: Shock

Whaaaaaatttt? That’s the closest I can get to putting in to words the daze I was in last Monday after Laura’s announcement. I only joined Perq Studio four months ago, but I continually see evidence of Laura’s determination to run a different kind of company. One that recognises the value of the individual as a whole believing that a positive work life balance will lead to an enriched experience, both personally and professionally, which in turn better services both the business and the customers. I love the fact that I work for someone who isn’t afraid to follow their instincts and try something they believe in – so bring it on!

Stage 2: Excitement

Tuesday and Wednesday were when the news really started to sink in, especially after Laura asked me to do some research into the benefits of a four-day working week. Reading about the positive outcomes other companies have experienced really helped me to see what an amazing opportunity this is, and how lucky I am to be given the chance to try to make it work. We all know the feeling that weekends just aren’t enough time to do everything we’d like to – and now I’m being offered the gift of time, the opportunity to do more of what I love, spend more time with the people I care about most and all while maintaining my current salary. Life is good!

Stage 3: Fear

As the Studio & Project Manager, scheduling falls under my remit, not just for my workload but also for our Creative Director Nikki. Last week I was allocated some additional client responsibilities and we kicked off another amazing internal initiative (but more on that another time!), so naturally my thoughts turned to the schedule and how all this can be achieved with reduced working hours. Adding to that pressure, I will shortly be going on annual leave and will now only be in the office for four days across the next two weeks.

Under normal circumstances, I would usually work some extra hours to alleviate the strain, but that’s not going to work in this situation! What I’ve come to realise is that my biggest struggle with adjusting to our new normal will be changing my own mindset. I have no qualms about not working Saturdays and Sundays, and I need to change my attitude to embrace #Tuesplays in the same manner.

While I worry that I will feel guilty for not being in the office and that I will find it difficult to switch off, I must remember that exhausting myself mentally about work during my downtime will only be counterproductive. The more I think about what we are attempting, the more I realise that #Tuesplays aren’t just offering the surface benefits, they offer a real opportunity to change our mental outlook for the better.

Am I scared? Yes. Am I determined to seize the opportunity and do everything I can to make it work? Definitely.

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