Thing what i like vol.4

30 Dec 2020 | Culture

Thing what i like vol.4

By Nikki Burton

A monthly round-up of the best share-worthy creative stuff.

1. Animation

This gorgeous collaboration merges Jasmina Zornic’s bold typography and Matt Fowler’s impressive animation skills. It’s jam-packed with motion design goodies that are sure to keep you mesmerised. In this case more really is more (within reason; let’s not go completely mad!)

2. Packaging

Do you also get that sense of guilt when having to throw away the mound of un-recyclable wrapping paper at Christmas? Well, Primark came up with this lovely idea to encourage shoppers to reuse their recyclable paper bags, whether it be for present-wrapping or decoration-making. Nice work Primark!

3. Illustration

Marylou Faure is known for her wonderful illustrations of women in all their curvy glory. Her work oozes confidence with its bold lines and block colours. Also check out these awesome figurines of her characters!

4. Marketing

Burberry took to the streets of London to create a ‘2020 rendition’ of the Gene Kelly classic; this time rain was swapped for giant hailstones (bc, y’know, 2020) and a sense of community was communicated by using four dancers instead of one. Engaging, relevant and current (and an ad I wouldn’t mind watching again and again!) Also, here’s a little behind the scenes video for your entertainment.

5. Branding

Check out this playful brand identity for the furniture company, Hem. Turning their products’ technical drawings into brand shapes is a lovely touch. I especially love the application of the shapes on top of the products themselves! Oh, and, primary colours ftw!