Things what i like vol.2

13 Oct 2020 | Culture

Things what i like vol.2

By Nikki Burton

A monthly round-up of the best share-worthy creative stuff.

1. Animation

It’s weird. It’s very, very weird, but boy is it MAGNIFICENT. Be sure to turn the sound on for that full snog immersion.

2. Packaging

Dogs deserve all the nice things, including this gorgeous sustainable packaging for their supplements (yes, supplements). Choosing tin over the usual plastic used in pet food packaging makes it recyclable and reusable!

3. Illustration

As a long-term admirer of Mark Conlan’s hand-drawn style of work, it was inevitable he be included. Although regularly blessing us with stunning pieces of illustration, this one especially caught my eye due to its portrayal of inclusivity.

4. Marketing

This D&AD New Blood winning ad by Sandy Matta is not what you would necessarily expect to see on a billboard, which is why it works so well to grab someone’s attention. Pure genius.

5. Branding

This wonderfully vibrant bank branding is a delight. I quite fancy the billboard design as a poster on my wall! Can’t say that for every bank.