Things what i like vol.3

26 Nov 2020 | Culture

Things what i like vol.3

By Nikki Burton

A monthly round-up of the best share-worthy creative stuff.

1. Animation

Another disaster 2020 threw at us were the Australian bushfires, in which many animals, and people, lost their lives and homes. Darcy Prendergast’s film, Tomorrow’s On Fire, was a powerful response to the crisis. Not only are the visuals stunning but it also features an exquisitely written monologue.

2. Packaging

Toilet rolls have also been a hot topic of 2020. However, if ever there was a better reason for stockpiling, this is it. These loo rolls are worthy of being displayed proudly for all to see (and read!)

3. Illustration

These delightful daily observation snippets from Hannah Jacobs are simply splendid.

4. Marketing

With the release of the new PlayStation 5, the Underground signposts at Oxford Circus were given a temporary colourful takeover. Taking the original iconic red circle and evolving them in this way – a little bit of genius that.

5. Branding

Obsessed with this clever application of the logo throughout this branding. All you need is a knife, fork and plate to make anything apparently (watch the animation for context!) Also, how sweet are the windows in the pasta boxes!