#Trailblazing Tech: Celebrating Female Tech Innovators

24 Mar 2021 | Culture

#Trailblazing Tech: Celebrating Female Tech Innovators

By Tim Abayomi-Cole

Each month, we cut through the noise to share a curated selection of the latest tech innovations with the potential to positively impact your Today, Tomorrow and Them Days After That. This March, we shine the spotlight on two women, and their respective companies, celebrating the impacts they have made in their respective fields.

Today, Tomorrow…

They say if you want something done right, do it yourself, and that can certainly be seen as a phrase embodied by Tania Boler. Back in 2013, having been pregnant herself, and at a time where the lack of support for women was even more evident, she founded Elvie, the world’s first female health tech brand, as a FemTech company borne of necessity.

Bringing together a team of world-class designers and engineers, Elvie is a British brand developing smarter technology for women. Bolstered by Boler’s history in working on “hidden/taboo” conditions affecting women’s health following her PhD in HIV prevention, Elvie has brought four pioneering products to the market, the Elvie Trainer (an award-winning Pelvic Floor trainer and app) and three breast milk pumps/collection devices which are all, significantly, wearable and silent, enabling women to pump unnoticed.

In creating products focused on resolving women’s issues, Boler and Elvie have defied detractors, like investors averse to openly using the word ‘vagina’ and naysayers who labelled it crazy to create a start-up to focus on women’s health, to be ranked as a top 10 Sunday Times Sage Tech Track 100 and successfully raise $42 million, the largest single raise ever made in FemTech.

So what advice would Tania Boler, as a flag-bearer for women in STEM, offer to those women, and men alike, looking to change the game? “Have skin like a rhino () don’t be afraid to hire people who are smarter than you (and) surround yourself with people who believe in the mission as much as you do and are best at doing the jobs you need.”

…Them Days After That

Professor Clare Grey FRS, chemistry professor at Cambridge University has recently captured headlines as co-founder and chief scientist of Nyobolt, a tech company pioneering how we will come to power our lives in the future. “I’m an electro-chemist and a solid-state chemist. Nuclear magnetic resonance is one of my specialities – but my real expertise is to understand how battery materials work for next-generation batteries.”

Recently securing £7.5 million in funding to support the development of their Niobium batteries, the power units are billed as being ultrafast, with the potential to reduce the amount of time it takes to recharge an electric car from 8 hours down to under a minute. If that wasn’t enough, Nyobolt’s batteries will also deliver lower environmental impacts, work in more extreme conditions with improved safety and longer battery cycle lifespans.

Unsurprisingly, with Professor’s Grey expertise in the field, and the science backing Nyobolt batteries being documented extensively in journals, the excitement surrounding Nyobolt has been feverish. With secured funding, the team are looking to rapidly expand their global operations to help support their role in transitioning to a post-carbon world.

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