#TrailblazingTech: How will 2021 Deliver?

13 Jan 2021 | Culture

#TrailblazingTech: How will 2021 Deliver?

By Tim Abayomi-Cole

Each month, we cut through the noise to share a curated selection of the latest tech innovations with the potential to positively impact your Today, Tomorrow and Them Days After That.

Today, Tomorrow…

The lowdown on tech that you should be gearing up to implement.

Despite all the promise, 2021 is shaping up to be nothing more than 2020 in disguise.

And whilst that does mean spending even more time making zoom calls in our makeshift home offices and leaving the house masked and slathered in hand sanitizer, there is a silver lining to be found. There’s a renewed appetite for technology that enhances our lives at home – tech that’s made huge strides forward in the past year.

The home tech sector on many businesses’ radars is autonomous home delivery. With everything ranging from DIY restaurant kits to Amazon’s endless roster of consumer goods now being couriered straight to our doorsteps, it’s no surprise that the development of driverless delivery systems has leapt forward. In 2020 we saw the first widespread use of a residential drone delivery service be deployed to great effect, so the arms race to a courier-less future is well and truly upon us.

In California, Nuro just made history by becoming the first commercial driverless operation company to be granted a permit and begin trial operations. Whilst limited to speeds of 35mph and on city streets only, it’s a big step towards a driverless future which promises much: cost reductions and improved productivity to the businesses’ that employ them; a reduction in carbon emissions through the replacement of conventional vehicles that currently deliver; and improved food distribution to communities that are typically underserved.

So, what about the businesses of today? Well, the time is almost upon us where ditching your delivery clapper is the way to drive your business forward.

…Them Days After That

This week marked the return of CES, the tech festival that typically attracts the industry’s best and brightest to the glitzy Las Vegas strip but this year (yep, you guessed it!) it’s gone virtual.

Unsurprisingly, digital health takes a starring role this year at CES (somewhat ironic given that CES2020 was rumoured to have been a super spreader event). With over 400 digital health devices and over 200 wearables reputed to be unveiled, the event showcased what the future of health technology looks like.

And whilst debate rages over the legitimacy of digital health-focused trackers being medically sound, we’ve highlighted two of the most promising exhibits that could have big implications on how we take care of ourselves in the future:

1. PressureDOT showcased their pill-shaped wireless sensor that, once swallowed by a patient, can relay its 3D position in the body whilst also measuring and transmitting temperature and a patient’s intra-abdominal pressure. Does this herald the dawn of surgery that can be conducted from within?

2. Cove have released a vibrating headband that despite initial scepticism, is scientifically proven to be 90% effective at reducing headaches and stress. And if there’s one thing that the transition from 2020 to 2021 deserves, it’s a certified stress buster.

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