#TrailblazingTech: The QR code Revival

11 Nov 2020 | Culture

#TrailblazingTech: The QR code Revival

By Tim Abayomi-Cole

Each month, we cut through the noise to share a curated selection of the latest tech innovations with the potential to positively impact your Today, Tomorrow and Them Days After That.

There’s never been a more exciting time to talk tech.

Whilst it’s long been the key driver behind us living longer, happier, healthier, and physically easier lives, the unique set of circumstances that 2020 has presented us with has seen the appetite for technological innovation increase more than ever before.

With every company in the tech space, from giant corporations through to small start-ups, vying for our attention to announce the ‘next big thing’, it’s increasingly hard to sift through every keynote speech, press release or launch event, to identify how, what and when the latest technology innovation will be implemented to better serve our lives.

So we’re here to help! We do away with all the jargon, embellishments and sales pitches to give you the lowdown on the trailblazing tech innovations that matter right now and in the future.

Today, Tomorrow…

The lowdown on tech that you should be gearing up to implement.

Has there ever been a better comeback story than that of the QR code? Piggybacking on the prevalence of the UK’s current Track and Trace program, the QR code is currently enjoying an unprecedented renaissance following its previous dismissal as a marketing gimmick only.

With supermarkets using QR codes in their migration towards cashless stores and Exxon Mobil implementing QR codes as a payment tool at fuel stations, you have to ask: what could the QR code do for you?

…Them Days After That

What does the future of tech innovation hold?

Through personal and wearable technology, everything from how ‘green’ we are to how healthy we are, both medically and in terms of fitness, is now being collected by our personal devices to create detailed profiles of who we are as individuals.

With greater societal pressure on governments and brands to do more for the environment and our quality of life, we predict an increase in our data scores across health and ecological impact being utilised by brands as behaviour tools.

With health insurance firms leading the way as early adopters, incentivising their users to stay active you should watch this space for more innovation…

If there’s a tech innovation worth knowing about, we’ll keep you informed.

Stay tuned for more Trailblazing Tech.