#Tuesdaythinks: An ode to London, the city you can never write off

05 Jan 2021 | Tips & Tricks

#Tuesdaythinks: An ode to London, the city you can never write off

By Nikki Burton

Every Tuesday we think some thinks and round up some top tips.

London in a pandemic is a weird place. All the things that make it one of the world’s great capitals: its endless museums, galleries, ancient pubs and cavernous clubs, all gone, replaced by deserted streets and enormous empty buildings.

You read a lot about how the city will never be the same. No more podcasts on the tube, popping to Pret at lunch or nipping to Soho with some colleagues for a few drinks after a hard day’s work. Apparently, thanks to COVID, everyone’s had a suburban awakening and will flee to the countryside, where they can host Zoom meetings in their slippers and discover the joys of gardening, or something.

All the power to them. But that’s not us. At Perq Studio we feel a deep connection to London: we feed off its creative energy and cultural diversity. It’s a city that’s survived endless plagues and invasions over the centuries. And we’ll never write it off.

So, sure, we’ve enjoyed some of the perks of working from home (cooking hot lunches without making your colleagues hate you, for one…). But really, we can’t wait to get back. We miss the old pubs and new exhibitions, the comradery of after-work drinks and the spontaneity of last-minute gigs. Whisper it, we sometimes even miss the morning commute.

But, above all, we miss sitting in an office and bouncing ideas of each other, enjoying the sparks of human creativity that can’t be conveyed through a screen. In our little Teams rectangles, we’re like a gallery of replica paintings; pale imitations of the real thing.

So, we haven’t given up on London. In fact, we’re investing in its future as a hub of creativity and commerce. That’s why we’re so excited to have signed a new lease on a new home for Perq Studio, in Belle House, Victoria!

And so there’s just one tip, for this week’s #tuesdaythinks, but really, it’s more of a pledge. Once the vaccine rollouts return life to ‘normal’, I think all of us lucky enough to live here have a solemn duty to uphold. For London to be London again, we need to be Londoners again.

So, check out that Wednesday night comedy show even if you’re feeling worn out; tick off those tiny restaurants and weird bars on that long-forgotten list; digest all of the art, history and culture that the city has to offer. Support struggling industries in any way you can.

And through ideas, energy, creativity and collaboration, let’s reinvigorate a city that has survived hardship but can bounce back stronger than ever. It’s what Londoners have done for centuries, after all.

London will bounce back in 2021, and we think your business can, too. If you need sound strategy or dazzling design to ensure your brand is ready for whatever the future holds, get in touch. Grit gets glory.