#TuesdayThinks: Brand mascots…what’s the point?

16 Feb 2021 | Tips & Tricks

#TuesdayThinks: Brand mascots…what’s the point?

By Nikki Burton

Every Tuesday we think some thinks and round up some top tips.

If I say the words ‘Jolly Green Giant’, I’m sure you’ll conjure up an image of a big green man towering over corn fields. And if not, here he is in all his glory. It’s incredible to think he has been the face of Green Giant since 1903; though he’s got nothing on Mr Quaker Oats, who was brought to life in 1877!

Brands like Quaker don’t just keep these guys around out of sentimental attachment. There’s a clear financial benefit to having a brand mascot. Analysis in 2019 of over 13,000 ads found that ads with characters outpaced their peers in new customer gains by 8.9%. And they don’t have to be strange giants or anthropomorphic animals, they can be abstract objects, too. Think about Nectar’s ‘blob’, that is used brilliantly across all of its touchpoints.

And as technology and the world changes, so do brand mascots. Take Churchill’s British bulldog. It was introduced to the brand as Lucas back in 1989, before evolving into Churchie, the pup we know and love. From existing as a dog on a white background saying “ohh yes” to riding a skateboard and taking trip to the fair in the brand’s latest ad, Churchie has moved with the times, as any good mascot should.

If you want more than a transactional relationship with your customers, you need to couple strategy with an identifiable tone of voice (get in touch if you need some expert advice!). But by bringing your brand values to life in the form of a character you can communicate them quickly and build a ‘top of mind’ awareness that grows familiarity, trust and ultimately value.

So, you’re ready to create a brand mascot? Here are my top tips for creating a character your audience loves!

1. Take a look at your brand values and proposition and think about how they can be built into the personality of the mascot. Does it include characteristics from your customer or employees? It will be your brand ambassador, so make sure it embodies who you are and what you stand for.

2. What form will your brand mascot take? Can your brand values or proposition be linked to humans, animals or objects. How does it move, talk, dress, morph? The possibilities are endless (so have some fun).

3. Don’t forget your marketing strategy. The beauty of a mascot is that it can pop up across any channel or medium, from packaging to Instagram stories. Where does it live and how does it engage with your audience? By implementing it across different touchpoints you can start to build real familiarity (who knows, maybe you can have your own ‘Jolly Green Giant’ in the years to come).

If you want to create an engaging brand mascot then get in touch. We’re experts at getting under the skin of your brand and bringing it to life in ways you can’t imagine!