#TuesdayThinks: Forget resolutions. Here’s why you should set business intentions

22 Dec 2020 | Tips & Tricks

#TuesdayThinks: Forget resolutions. Here’s why you should set business intentions

By Nikki Burton

Every Tuesday we think some thinks and round-up some top tips.

“Intentions are the starting point of every dream—the seed of creation.” Deepak Chopra

It’s that time of year again: the time to reflect on the year gone by and to set ourselves goals for the New Year. Read a book a week. Work out daily. Drink kale smoothies for lunch. Have you ever stopped to wonder why we make New Year’s Resolutions so punishing? No wonder everyone struggles to stick to them!

Forget resolutions. The real key to self-improvement is intentions. Intentions give us a positive purpose without all that miserable pressure of falling short. So, instead of “work out every day and only eat green things,” an intention would say: “I have the intention of living a healthier life and waking up with more energy.” See how much more realistic that is?

Intentions allow us to focus on giving our best each day, with an acknowledgement that life happens. Some days you’ll be on point, some days you won’t, but by striking a balance and staying true to yourself, you can still work towards your ambitions.

I’ve been writing personal intentions for some time now. Each year I write a letter to myself summing up the year gone by, then use these reflections to set intentions for the year to come. I also make sure to read my letter from previous years to see how much life has changed – it’s always a fun thing to do on NYE with a few bubbles!

And now I’m a company director, I plan to use this approach for Perq Studio’s business goals too. Setting intentions is a powerful way to head into each year with a clearer idea of what you want to achieve and a better idea of how you can get there. And I’ll make sure to carve out some time to do this with Laura too – a joy shared is a joy doubled.

Here are my tips for defining your business intentions and setting yourself up for success in 2021.

1. Reflect on the year that’s been: Review the year your business has had and write a letter from your business to yourself! For example: ‘Dear Nikki, this year definitely threw a bit of a curve ball…’. Make sure to include 3 things you’re proud of accomplishing, and 3 things that could have gone better.

2. Set your intentions for the year ahead: Now you’ve reflected on the past, it’s time for your intentions! Write a short paragraph of what you hope to achieve in 2021. Remember, these aren’t resolutions, so it’s not a space for projected turnovers. We’re thinking more along the lines of ‘I want to grow my business by focusing on delivering value to my existing customers.’

3. Seal it up and keep it safe for next year: Or, alternatively, print it out as large as you can and stick it on your wall, so your intentions are there to keep you on track.

Don’t like writing letters? No worries. If, like me, your brain works more visually, why not create a vision board or collage to map out all of the things you’d like to achieve?

Good luck, and Happy New Year!

If you want to make 2021 the best year yet for your business, get in touch. From refreshing your identity to developing a new brand proposition and launching campaigns, we can help you bounce back better in the post-COVID world.