#TuesdayThinks: How to deliver presentations that literally light people’s brains up

02 Feb 2021 | Tips & Tricks

#TuesdayThinks: How to deliver presentations that literally light people’s brains up

By Nikki Burton

Every Tuesday we think some thinks and round up some top tips.

People often moan about a lack of originality in Hollywood movies. And while you may not have watched Mega Shark vs. Giant Octopus, let’s face it, familiarity feels good.

We’re a species of storytellers, who have transmitted important information using trusted frameworks for millennia. Those Hollywood sequels? Many follow the hero’s journey. A form of storytelling that’s been popular since Aristotle was knocking around in Ancient Greece.

Stories literally light up our brains. And, as this article from Berkeley points out, we learn more effectively through them. They bring the human element to cold facts, helping us engage with information as well as retain it. That’s why storytelling isn’t just for the movies: it’s a powerful presentation tool, too!

So if you want sparks to fly next time you give a presentation, here are some top tips:

1. Make sure it has a narrative

Think back to your school days. Remember the simple story structures you were taught? Our brains are hardwired to enjoy them! Make sure you develop a skeleton narrative structure for your presentation, including a beginning, middle and end.

2. Show people what it means for them

All the most famous stories have universal themes. That’s because we’re all looking for ways we can relate to characters and events so we can leave feeling emotionally satisfied.

Just as you want the two protagonists to get together at the end of that Rom-Com, your audience wants to leave the presentation with a clear idea of what it means for them. Take them on the journey, make them relate to the story, and ensure they leave feeling satisfied!

3. Make sure it’s not boring!

Just because you’re following a basic skeleton structure, doesn’t mean it has to be boring! If you want to keep people’s attention, you need to bring freshness and fun to the formula. Even an annual report can be captivating with the right amount of creativity and care. I love this example from Mail Chimp: creative storytelling at its finest.

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