#TuesdayThinks: How to get new business in new ways

01 Dec 2020 | Tips & Tricks

#TuesdayThinks: How to get new business in new ways

By Laura Giffard

Every Tuesday we think some thinks and round-up some top tips.

The way people do business is changing, and it’s not just due to the pandemic. Covid hasn’t so much been the ‘great reset’ as the ‘great accelerator’. Everything was moving to the online world anyway – we just didn’t expect it to happen quite so abruptly.

Young businesses operating in this environment may think the best way to get new work is to cast the digital net as widely as possible and hope something catches, but this approach isn’t just unproductive; it can damage your brand. The best work you do is with clients you click with, or in collaboration with people you have a genuine connection with. No remote working revolution can ever change that.

So, if you want to get new business in new ways, here a few tips to navigate this digital world without losing the human touch.

1. Ask yourself why you want to work with them

New business should be like a successful courtship. You admire each other from afar; you chat tentatively about what you have in common; then you slowly start to build a beautiful relationship. But it seems that pitching has got a lot more impersonal. Take LinkedIn for example. I used to love using the network to build important relationships, get inspired and share ideas. But these days it seems like a platform for people to spam each other endlessly with poorly targeted messages, pitches and pleas that have no relevance to the other party. The spam switches us off; it definitely doesn’t make us want to ‘connect.’

My advice is to think about the brands you truly admire and businesses your values are aligned with. Then, send a targeted, personal message (after establishing a connection, if possible). If you’re genuinely a good fit, they’ll be able to tell, and it won’t just create new business, it’ll result in great work.

2. Play to your strengths

Don’t just offer prospects everything under the sun. Start by asking yourself: what are their needs? What are your strengths? How can you offer them genuine value? There may be lots of things you can do, but you need to think hard about the little things you do best and prove that you’re better positioned than anyone else in the industry to deliver exceptional value. Start small, prove yourself, develop a relationship and the big stuff will soon follow.

3. Give a bit of yourself away

Making genuine connections with prospects doesn’t just consist of saying nice things about them. You need to stand out. You need to prove that you’re exceptional. Copywrite something funny, send them a picture of your dog, ensure your genuine voice is heard. It isn’t about being wacky to get attention. When we are creative, or funny, it reveals something true about who we actually are. Don’t be afraid of trying something new and making mistakes. The prospects who don’t get it aren’t a good match anyway; and there’s plenty more fish in the sea!

Have you ever used any weird and wonderful techniques to get new business? How do you maintain a personal touch in a digital world? I’d love to know more, so get in touch.