#TuesdayThinks: never mistake activity for achievement

06 Apr 2021 | Tips & Tricks

#TuesdayThinks: never mistake activity for achievement

By Laura Giffard

Every Tuesday we think some thinks and round up some top tips.

LinkedIn used to be my favourite social network. I opened my first account in early 2011 and was delighted to watch the platform overflow with a treasure trove of genuinely interesting content. Now, though, I’m having second thoughts. It’s become more of a Pandora’s box.

My inbox is completely unmanageable. On a good day I get 20 poorly targeted sales approaches. On a bad day even up to 50. “Hey, I really like your content! But you could always do better. That’s why I’m running a comprehensive remote SEO, Tai Chi, waffle-making course – and I’ve handpicked you as a perfect fit!” It’s totally overwhelming. And I want out.

When did sales become about flogging the “great fix to tell me about X but by invite only” or asserting that you hold “the secret to unlocking my best self”?

How are you, a complete stranger, qualified to give me these opinions? How is it offering me value and getting us both closer to our goals?

So this week I have a single top tip (which will make your sales more effective, while exponentially increasing my enjoyment of LinkedIn, now there’s a win-win!):

In the words of basketball coach John Wooden, “Never mistake activity for achievement.” You may be broadcasting these cleverly worded sales messages, hoping something will stick, but are you just being busy rather than delivering results? If you want to stand out against this frivolous babble, ask yourself, “How can I genuinely help this prospect? Why do I even want to work with them?” “Am I wasting their time?” “More importantly, am I wasting my time?” If you satisfactorily answer these questions, and think of a compelling reason why working together is a good idea, I’d even be happy to have a phone conversation with you.

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