#TuesdayThinks: When we say we’re collaborative we mean it!

27 Apr 2021 | Tips & Tricks

#TuesdayThinks: When we say we’re collaborative we mean it!

By Nikki Burton

Every Tuesday we think some thinks and round up some top tips.

We’ve been interviewing rather aggressively at Perq Studio recently and will soon have tripled in size (#excitingtimes)! When we speak to potential new team members or clients, we always emphasise that they’re joining a collaborative environment. And it isn’t just a buzzword to us, we really do mean it.

Regardless of their job title, everyone at Perq Studio is both a creative and a strategist. Everyone is given the opportunity to voice builds and ideas together. We have no room for egos!

We expect every team member to bring ideas and have opinions. This can be a hard experience for some. It’s natural for creatives to become defensive or deflated by feedback on something they have nurtured. But the environment we’re growing is a safe home for conversations and ideas to flow – a rumble as Brené Brown would say. We stick everything up on the wall, huddle around and let every member of the business have an input. With our expertise coming together we can really shape and transform any nugget of an idea into something incredible. As the saying goes ‘2 heads are better than 1.’

So, how can you get collaboration right? Here are my top tips for embracing a collaborative mindset:

1. Bring the client into the conversation If a client is willing to get stuck in, we love it! We bring them in super early and take them along this rumbling journey with us because their input is priceless. Our clients are the ones that will live and breathe what we create, so why can’t they help shape it? They know their business better than we ever could, so we act as true partners, not just outsourced marketing.

2. Embrace the challenge I also remind the team to embrace the challenge that comes at the start of the project (What we like to call the ‘fuuuuuuuck!’ stage). Not only is it normal to feel out of your depth, but when an idea scares or challenges you, you know you’re onto something great.

This is the stage where the magic happens. It’s uncomfortable and sometimes it leads to creative minds questioning their abilities (and sometimes even their career choice). However, if they can stick with it, involve the team and grab input from everywhere, they’ll get to the solution.

3. Take people on the journey The key here is to ensure the team believe they are all researchers and ideators first. Get your head out of constructing anything if you have not first gone exploring! I would rather see hundreds of rough ideas grabbed from anywhere with thoughts attached to them over 3 finely-tuned executions any day. Share everything you find; you never know what sparks will fly.

Got your next idea on the horizon? Fancy really collaborating with a team of thinkers and doers that will smash your commercial goals? Get in touch and let’s build something exceptional.