TuesdayThinks: Why it’s time to rethink plus-size branding

19 Jan 2021 | Tips & Tricks

TuesdayThinks: Why it’s time to rethink plus-size branding

By Nikki Burton

Every Tuesday we think some thinks and round up some top tips.

It’s time to talk about the plus size fashion market. Did you know that it’s worth approx. £6.44 billion in the UK and set to increase to £9.03 billion by 2022? It’s not new to us that the average woman in the UK is plus size UK 16/ EU 44. As a UK 16 myself, the struggle is real. Despite the market being so huge, for some reason plus size consumers are ‘othered’ and excluded from the latest trends. Too many brands aren’t being bold enough in this space, and I think that needs to change.

I love fashion, I really do, and I believe clothes should bring us all joy and act as a canvas to express our personalities. Just because I’m ‘plus size’, I don’t want my choice to be limited to a shapeless smock dress, or a rectangle shaped top, thanks! I want the cool cuts and bold colours too.

Fortunately, there are some cool plus size fashions brands for women (if you look hard enough). The reason I love these brands so much is because they concentrate on the fashion, rather than the bodies that wear them. Less ‘plus size’ more ‘damn you look fine’ size please!

So, for any fashion retailers out there who want a share of this growing market, here are my 3 tips for getting your brand and positioning on point.

1. Listen to your consumers!

Take inspo from what your customers are saying. The view of what is and what isn’t ‘acceptable’ in the plus size market is far too narrow. Fashion is a choice and people should get to make that choice for themselves, no matter their size.

Get onto TikTok and see how creators such as Denise Mercedes are reclaiming the conversation. When you read the comments about her gorgeous outfits, you’ll realise that the industry shouldn’t be about making bodies fit fashion, it should be about making fashion fit bodies!

2. Your market may be broader than you think

Stop just creating frumpy, flowery clothes for a certain size and gender and think about the market more broadly. Take this example from Savage x Fenty, in which they debuted a new underwear capsule collection for men using a diverse range of male models.

After the brand’s LA fashion show, Rihanna launched their first size-inclusive underwear line for men. Broadening your target audience also allows you to be more expressive and create cooler clothing!

3. Plus size brands can be effortlessly cool!

Don’t think that just because your clothes are plus sized that you can’t embrace modern trends. Plus size fashion shouldn’t be exempt from cool factor. That’s why I love the work the guys at Henning are doing. The founder was so tired of being excluded from mainstream fashion that she ‘took matter into [her] own hands,’ and started creating beautiful designer outfits that follow trends and allow plus size consumers to access luxury clothing.

If you’re a plus sized clothing brand that wants to take the industry by storm, then get in touch and see how we can revitalise your branding, sort out your social strategy and set you up for success.