Tuesplay. Wait, you’re doing what?!

25 Jun 2019 | Culture

Tuesplay. Wait, you’re doing what?!

By Laura Giffard

Yesterday I hijacked our Monday morning meeting. Rather than cracking into the schedule and looking at the week ahead, I told the Perqstars that I had something important to tell them. They looked back uncomfortably (I’ll add the evidence to our Insta shortly!) as I explained that I set up Perq Studio because I wanted to do things differently. I wanted to try new things. So I had made the decision that for July and August we were going to trial a four day work week.

Whilst it took a while to get over the initial shock, everyone agreed that, in Nikki’s words, “this is amazing”.

So why a four day work week?

To be perfectly frank, I’ve had it with hustle culture. This relentless glamorisation of working to burnout, fuelled by the endless regurgitation of the latest management popspeak that promises to deliver success.

Our office is fuelled by reading, conversation, creativity and good old fashioned graft. And for us, the key to creativity is actually giving your brain down time, letting it get bored. Allowing yourself to explore and experience new things.

So I set my sights on the 4 day work week. In a bid to give my team creative freedom, firmly grounded in the (possibly naïve?) belief that I could actually maintain team productivity despite reducing facetime by 20%

This article summed it up perfectly: “Strategies for increasing productivity must face the reality that productivity relies not just on the sheer number of hours put in, but on the wellbeing and overall health of the workforce – as well as on the level of investment in labour-saving technology.”

So, what now?

We’ve had a little brainstorm. We wrote down our fears, our excitement and our challenges. And then we committed to being extra productive. And to give ourselves Tuesdays off for July and August. We’re calling them #Tuesplays. No salary cuts. No required extra hours. Just an open mind and the will to make it work.

You can follow our journey on this blog and our insta as we share our experience. And come the end of August, we’ll decide whether this is going to be a permanent thing for us, and if so, how to make it work.