We’ve got the podcast for you

11 Nov 2019 | Culture | Tips & Tricks

We’ve got the podcast for you

By Laura Giffard

I first discovered podcasts in 2014. I was heavily pregnant with my daughter Alessia and sleeping on a mattress on the floor in our new house and I was finding it impossible to sleep… Side note: we found out the house needed fully rewiring when we moved in, so I spent quite some time showering at the gym, cooking off a camping stove and sleeping on the floor…! Anyway, where was I? Oh yes, discovering podcasts! A colleague recommended Serial to me and I was hooked. From then, Podcasts and audiobooks became part of my routine and I love using my commute to venture into another world and learn about new thoughts and perspectives.

So I was delighted to hear our very own Deb Madelaine was launching a podcast, You are a Prototype. For those of you who don’t know, Deb is our client at Mars and we’re working with her and the team on a global change management initiative, User Centricity (more on that here).

Deb’s background is unconventional: a self-defined “prototype”, she built her career as a packaging scientist, until an unexpected gift in the shape of a journal provoked a journey of self-exploration that led to surprising results including a collaboration with the former prison guard of Nelson Mandela, writing a personal development book, dying her hair pink and an ambition to create her own job, to move the empathy needle in her workplace. You can find out more about Deb in her Ted X.

Her new podcast is conversations with people who, like her, are prototyping themselves. Who are discovering what makes them tick and how they can impact others around them. In the first episode, she speaks to Adel Awad, who has relied on his strong sense of curiosity to meet like-minded people and build creative communities. His fascinating story shows how important it is to get involved, and in his words, to marry your passions.

It’s going to be a fascinating journey meeting lots of interesting people, so get listening, and find out more about Adel’s initiative, Let’s.Knot, an initiative connecting creatives and building community in the UAE.

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